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Love Poems from the Clay Plain

Love Poems from the Clay Plain is an inspirational book of love poetry shared by a couple for Christmas, Valentines and Aniversaries.

On the Clay Plain, life runs a little slower and a little richer. Like the Western Prairie, the sky is big and the horizon distant. There's more space to work your way down deep and decide who you are, what you think and how you feel.

Some of us even like to write poems.

This book is an example. For one couple, these are the blossoms of their life to share with those who care. Take them as you will. Perhaps inspiration will take root in your life as well.

The Garden of Intuit

The Garden of Intuit is a hard science fiction novel and is the first book of the Ash series.

Rarely publishing, Kurt Gödel was arguably the greatest mathematical realist since Leibniz and a friend of Albert Einstein at Princeton's Institute for Advanced Study. Gödel made a present to Einstein; from general relativity, he discovered a new kind of universe where traveling backward and forward in time was not only possible, but practical, effectively making the notion of time, meaningless. Physics ignored his present for 40 years.

Now, someone is wondering what other secrets Gödel left for us, buried in his notes.

Inbiots, a shadowy global technology and security company, thinks it has found one. It will take a lot of effort. Cutting edge physics, current biotechnology and artificial intelligence in a beyond the state-of-the-art research facility quietly operate in a forest just outside the Ottawa city suburbs. The stakes are high, others may be on the same trail and Ted McKeen CEO is not about to go the way of his predecessor. In The Garden of Intuit the first hint of a new reality might be dawning. How far will Inbiots be willing to go to ensure billions of profit and complete market domination?

When Echo Zah, a brilliant linguist, is injured in a mysterious fire, her good friend Willow Senquay is her emergency contact. With the support of their two friends, mathematician Norm Galant and physicist David Woudens, they begin to learn something of the truth behind Inbiots activities. The question will be, what will happen to them then?

Edge between Worlds

Coming soon. Edge Between Worlds is the second book of the Ash series and continues the story from The Garden of Intuit.

What's your Axiom

The third and final book of the Ash Series. Planning continues for the expedition.

One and Many series

After the trilogy of the Ash series, a new series is planned, called the One and Many. It is expected to be more of a collection than a series, with the stories being somewhat independent, but set in the reality of the Ash series. Here is an excerpt:

There are pathways in the mind, perhaps in all possible minds, searching through the labyrinth for something. Searching for something that must be named. Perhaps for explanation, truth or security. Some look toward the early universe, while some attempt to go beyond. Calling it the origin leaves an impression of geometry. Calling it zero attempts enumeration where there is none. Being insubstantial it seems like nothing, the empty set, the icon of nothing. Amorphous, featureless, it is also complete. It has always been there, before the world and everything else, universally alone, constant and unchanging. No name can capture it all, since it is impossible to hold it all in the mind. Any comprehension must be incomplete. It is the source of all things, even of deities and all possible existences.

Bradshaw Corners Kitchen

Coming soon. The work is written for those new to the kitchen with minimal time available and as such it reads as notes or simple directions. The original manuscript was hand written, mother to son, on leaving home, but there have been extensive additions made during typesetting. A working organization is described, including items to be stocked, cooking methods and advice on the use of prepared items through the week. Several simple but effective recipes are included covering what is needed for balanced meals and also some favourite dishes. The cooking style is loosely based on the traditional practice of the family Bradshaw of Bradshaw Corners, an old family who have ancestral ties to the family Gray, pioneers in Walpole Township, Haldimand County of Ontario, Canada.

The Changing Story

Not yet ready for you.

Once upon a time, there was a story without a record…

This is the after-the-fact account of that adventure, powered by the spiritual entities that inhabit the ancient and mysterious oracle, the 5000-year-old book known as the I Ching; the book of changes.

One wish to gaze on symbols old.
Take care not to be too bold,
for often has a life been sold,
to guess upon this story told.
Two dark lives within they say.
Knows no future plan, it may.
Start with sticks upon the clay,
and hope to see another day.
Three needs will begin the quest.
Mindfully, and ne'er in jest,
since, elsewise, it might be best,
to decline to be our guest.
Four measures the internal rhyme.
Reject all of death in sign!
Cast the glaring light of lime!
Now begins our story time!

They’re just children’s stories.
They can’t hurt you.

The Infinity Continuation

A short story. Read it here.

The Whistler Frequency

A short story. Read it here.

The Acolytes of the Dead

A short story. Read it here.

Writing My Grief 1

The omnibus of my writings, the result of Megan Devine's Writing Your Grief online course. Download it here as an epub. Writing_My_Grief_1.epub

Writing My Grief 2

The omnibus of my writings, the result of my second time through Megan Devine's Writing Your Grief online course. Download it here as an epub. Writing_My_Grief_2.epub

The Twins

Part 1 of a short story about Love and Grief. Read it here.

The Embers of Grief

Part 2 of a short story about Love and Grief. Read it here.

The Signal

Part 3 of a short story about Love and Grief. Read it here.

The Beyond

Part 4 of a short story about Love and Grief. Read it here.

The Old Place

Part 5 of a short story about Love and Grief. Read it here.

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