Edge Between Worlds


The story continues with our characters and some new ones, in more environments.


Very extensive notes have been created. A chapter plan is in place and writing is in progress.

So far, 61 chapters have been written as draft. Another 23 chapters are planned. The word count now is 235581.


I can show you this part.

The dedication appearing in Edge Between Worlds

Wee light upon the well kept page,
continue in the quest
to guide along the path ahead
those who like it best.
Concentrate your efforts now,
while the wax does last,
to extend our view ahead
from the story past.
Cantor, Godel, Turing, Conway,
all those you showed the way,
counsel us, as good friends,
and disaster stay.
The worlds ahead are more than legion.
Boundless in their number.
We dream of them in wakefulness
and see them when we slumber.
We stand with those upon the hill,
well met by light of day.
Familiar now in face and name.
Best friends as some would say.
Lead on with the grand adventure!
Preserve the precious gift!
Cast ahead your love of light,
that makes our spirits lift!