The Garden of Intuit

There have been non-trivial changes from the first edition. It seems smoother now. The connection, clearer. Once the thread was teased out, the book seemed to write itself; a discovery rather than a creation. I suspect the characters will be around for quite some time.

Edition 1

Photographed by Selena Kan, this trillium was beyond the wall in the north-east extreme of The Garden of Intuit, an important turning point in time. This edition is now out-of-print.

Edition 2

Drawn by Eleanor Poon this image has captured a mobile watcher in The Garden of Intuit. Generally nocturnal, these eight-legged shepherds tend the garden and care for the sheep. The image is one taken with a one-shot camera on a misty night, which explains the black shadows and over-exposed foreground.


Rarely publishing, Dr Kurt Gödel gave his friend Dr Albert Einstein, on his 70th birthday, a new kind of universe where time did not exist. Physics ignored his present for 40 years.

Now that Gödel is dead, someone is wondering what other secrets he left for us, buried in obscure shorthand.

Inbiots, a shadowy global technology and security company, thinks it has found one. The stakes are high, others may be on the same trail and Dr Ted McKeen CEO is not about to go the way of his predecessor.

When Echo Zah and her good friend Willow Senquay become entangled with Inbiots research projects, they begin to learn something of the truth behind Inbiots activities. The question will be, what will happen to them then?


Edition 1 is out of print. Edition 2 is available as an ebook and paperback. The ebook can be found on Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and other fine retailers supplied by Smashwords. The paperback is available from Createspace and IngramSpark, supplied to many fine retailers. For example, you can order both formats from Chapters. Grab a coffee and order the paperback from Chapters in-store customer kiosks, while you browse their titles.


I like this dedication, which is actually a poem. It is also found in the body of Love Poems from the Clay Plain.

The dedication appearing in The Garden of Intuit

Wee light upon the well kept page
befriend my darling fair,
that she may tarry here awhile
forgetting all her care.
Breath life and warmth into my tale
of what there might have been,
if things had gone another way
and other paths were seen.
Guide her fingers as they roam
and down the pages slip,
to find the edge of every sheet
that passes with a flip.
The care and feeding of her mind
with each and every story,
is to weave the greatest quest
and give her all the glory.
Cast the sparkle to her eye!
Excite her with adventure!
Obfuscate her tedious tasks
and bury her indenture!
Life is still her precious gift
while she holds the day.
Her loved ones are beside her now
and always will they stay.

What Happens Next?

My fondest wish is that you read my book. I so much want to share the experience with you. If you read it, I sincerely hope you liked it and thanks for reading! I promise there will be more coming.

'The Garden of Intuit' was the first in the 'Ash Series'. The next book is 'Edge between Worlds'. Research is progressing into many unanswered questions. What happens with Inbiots? What kind of a life does Willow have? Do Echo and Norm finally have a life together? And perhaps most importantly, who is the narrator in the prologue and epilogue and what has happened there? With continued digging, these and other questions will slowly have light cast upon them. Details of Echo's past will be revealed and an important new character will appear.

If you have additional questions to follow up, please let me know! My address is albert dot henry dot tyson at gmail dot com (against web robots).